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.Quote from Spinnaker Software chairman William Bowman: "We're just sitting here trying to put our PCjrs in a pile and burn them. And the damn things won't burn. That's the only thing IBM did right with it - they made it flameproof." 
Mar. 1984, IBM ships the IBM PCjr.  It uses the 8088 CPU, includes 64KB RAM, a "Freeboard" keyboard, and one 5.25-inch disk drive, no monitor, for US$1300. 
Summer 1984, IBM introduces a new keyboard for the IBM PCjr, offering a free upgrade to all who want it. 
Mar. 1985, IBM announces that it will cease production and promotion of the IBM PCjr. 
This one (c) 1983 IBM corp.
Made in Armonk New-York, USA

  • Model 4860
  • Intel 8088 CPU
  • 128 K Ram
  • 1 floppy drive 360K
  • 2 cartridge slots
  • One new keyboard
  • 1 parallel port
  • I have 2 IBM PCjr
    • SN; 0267-0474451
    • SN; 0067-0055397
.-IBM PCjr chicklet keyboard-
SN; 25230402

The PCjr came with two cartridge ports, here is the BASIC cartridge->Notice the Copyright by Microsoft Corp. 1981.